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How I Sold a domain for $2600 that I bought for Just $15!

I bought a “.in” domain a year ago for $15 from Godaddy for a small niche eCommerce purposes and never expected someone ever to need it. I was going to work on something soon.

I also need to mention that I just quit my full-time job and got married to my loved one. So, thought to use this opportunity to make some money! 🙂

How i Sold a domain for $2600

How I Sold a domain for $2600

On a regular day, got an email from a company executive that they want to build something whatever I had it my mind. They were expected that I would sell it for $200, but I knew they are so desperate once I heard their use case of my domain.

So i firmly told them that i would not go down below $3000, i believed my instinct totally and even some friends told me i was dreaming. But i know i don’t have nothing to loose, so gone with this decision finally.

Buyer tried to few tactics to convince me like cancel deal if i don’t agree, will pay if their business goes well, etc but i didn’t backed up. At the end, they are confirmed that they agreed to my terms and settle for $2610.

And after a month of discussion and negotiations, i just got paid and transferred their domain now. And the buyer loved my professionalism and handled this deal with no help. They will be join me with their project in future, even if its true or not, glad to hear it!

At the end, I was happy that i trusted my whole gut till end.

I never read the art of deal books, but here are few stuff that i learned from this deal:

  • Always trust your instinct even if you fail, so no need to blame anyone.
  • Listen your buyer and understand their intention. Then decide!
  • Research their background and understand how high they can able to go for!
  • Be patient and firm on your decision
  • Explain/ make them understand why your product is worth it.
  • Be professional and helpful always ( i offered them my help if they need for their business in future)

Finally, Luck is also kind of a major factor here 🙂

That’s it, its kind of a first time i did it on my own and proud of it. Now i working something new with this money and hope that goes well too!