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Just Sold My Multi-Niche Site For $8k – My One year Journey

April 2018,

It’s been a year and a half when I started work on this blog with no money but only my web design, marketing, and content writing skill. Before getting into the story, I started my company with my friends, and didn’t work well, so I started working from home On my own. It was a struggle at first and with the support of my wife, I improved my productivity and got more focus.

Here’s my journey of Sold My Multi-Niche Site for $8,000 in a year.


In the meantime, I studied lot of case studies so I don’t want to make the same mistakes people already done and which was a huge help to build a good looking multi niche blog website and growing it. I definitely suggest anyone that to start read case studies before get into your product making. Save you lot of time and cost!

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Worked hard on the site details and never let myself settle for less. It was not much big of a traffic (100-150 per day) and I published good articles and kept on-page SEO good. Published around 500 articles in one site and another had 60.

I planned my own SEO, since I am from this industry and it didn’t much of a hard thing for me. So on the side I did my SEO to increase the trust and backlinks juice.


I started earning around $300-400 per month from one site and another $150 a month. Without much expense ( I didn’t buy any tools or anything) I was very happy with results. After an year and finally sold the blog for $8k last week and it was a huge victory for me and my hard work. Because I already made around $7k in the this year with these blogs and now plus $8k profit with no much investment than my skills.


I bought a new Mack book which was my past few years dream and paid my credit card debts.

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It feels great when your hard work pays off. 😊

I am already started working on new projects to take it further in coming new year. I would love give my insights for anyone who need help with making money with their blog.

Also, i share this story in IndieHacker.com, got lot of attention and appreciation as well.