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How I Sold My Niche Website for 26X? – [Case Study 2021]

I get right to the point, I sold one of my authority Niche websites last week for 26X monthly profit. After some up and downs, the buyer found me and done this deal for good. It’s been a year since I started this site and closed the deal as I planned. Sold 3 sites in the past 2 years now.

This is the 3rd website I sold in these couple of years and sold 3 of my domains for 3 digit price. With less expense and sold it for 13X from monthly earning. I didn’t have anyone, just a one man army here, from Niche selecting, Finding domain, Design and development, publishing articles, SEO, and promoting. Sometimes i use freelance writers.

This is was the moment i sold the site, its growing and promising for the buyers perspective.

selling niche website

Selling your small niche site is not simple, because you will be asked a ton of questions and proofs. So here are a few important stuff I follow in every niche site I make, and here are some points that can be helpful to you if you are a guy who wants to sell your site for a good offer.

Tips to Make Niche Website Valuable To Sell for Good price

  1. Choose your niche well, because a lot of us make the mistake of choosing it based on how much it’ll make money. If you want to make money, choose the niche that has long-term searches, I mean even after the next 10 years, there should be people searching for it. And has a wider audience as possible. In this way, your investment will never go to waste in this case.
  2. Make sure your site is well designed with easy to navigate. One of my top priority tasks when building the site and every day I keep improving to better use.
  3. Keep your performance speed up to 90. Fewer plugins, optimize images, and a good server.
  4. Write Longform Articles (2500+ words) with proper research. I trust no one in this part because your instinct plays some part here. Make sure keywords competitive score is low and focus on minimum search volume initially.
  5. On-Page is the key to a quick ranking. As a marketer myself, I make sure my On-page score top-level, technical issues fixed if anything arises, and proper keyword research is done prior. Also, I use the FRASE AI tool to optimize my content before publishing it.
  6. Make sure to take backup every week/day as possible, it’s uncertain times, and a lot of plugins can breach easily. So use plugins like All in one migration for backing up automatically to your Drive / Dropbox.
  7. Study the competitor’s strategy, keywords, and what kind of marketing they do. it will help move faster – AHREF and SEMRUSH are best for this one. I find a lot of new niches in this way.
  8. Being professional and understanding the industry you are in is very important. When it comes to buyers you will be asked a lot of questions, so be patient, ready with your data, and honesty goes long way. Don’t be rush, just take one step at a time, convincing the buyer takes time. I got rejected a lot but it all helped me to be prepared well for the next buyer.
  9. If you are a blogger and looking to grow, sell it at some point, then don’t wait for Adsense / amazon affiliates to help you, instead offer sponsored posts. Because buyers need some kind of money making option from your site. So I increase the value by offering sponsored posts, Adsense, Amazon, and other affiliate options.
  10. You can always find a better deal on Facebook groups than Flippa or other asset trading platforms. I sold all my sites and domains through the FB group.
  11. Escrow is the best place to do transactions. All my deals are done here, only one in Paypal.
  12. Always take proof of your income somewhere, use an excel sheet to track the expenses. I didn’t do this in the past but I plan to have a proper template for new sites for sure.

I am glad to share my little experience and help those who are like me a solopreneur. And These are some useful points I remember now, you can mail me if you have any questions you have with selling your site, domain, website development, and SEO, Happy to answer.

Be safe and healthy!