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Simple Tricks I Use to Improve GTMetrix Page Speed Score

Used 50 plugins but still no result and no idea to Improve GTMetrix Page Speed Score? If you are a website owner, then we all been there this sticky situation 🙂

Page speed is one of the critical factors on google’s ranking factor and it helps any site to give a better user experience. Not all websites can be the same and follow the same principle of having fewer pages, plugins, and features, so it sure hit us with slow loading after a while.

As a developer myself, I see a lot of my clients don’t aware that page speed is a critical part of their site. So I do educate all of my clients and some take it, some never will. In the end, my job to help those who trusted me with their hard-earned money.

Improve GTMetrix Page Speed Score


Below are some of the tricks i use to improve GTMetrix page speed of my clients.

  1. Use less number of plugins as possible. Because lot of them takes time to process in back end every time you load the website.
  2. Use good cache plugin like WP rocket, Performatters, Autoptimize.
  3. Use image optimization plugins like Smush, Shortpixel to reduce your memory space.
  4. Get a good hosting provider, i use Namecheap / Siteground for my websites and blogs. They have a great support.
  5. If you have sidebars with lot of widgets in sidebars, just remove it or keep it less as possible.
  6. Remove unnecessary pages, plugins that are not active or running cron jobs.
  7. Make sure, you add less gifs, vector images as possible.
  8. Keep the themes and plugins upto date.
  9. Use themes that are less weight and low code, i usually go for Generatepress, Contentberg, Avada and etc.
  10. Keep learning and understand about your site better, so you will know what works and not. So you can keep changing better tools, keep it optimized for longterm.

All these steps i follow for each websites i build for my clients if they ask for good performance score is necessary, and i keep my own blogs to above 85 GT metric score as always. Its very important process in growing online.

There are new updates from google lately, and you should know what is Lighthouse tools, here you can learn about Google’s Lighthouse Scoring methodology here.

If you need any help with your projects and improving your site performance, i am just 2 clicks away. Use the contact form in home page/ connect with me in social media.