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I’m a web development consultant and digital marketing mentor working with people around the world from my home office in Coimbatore (TN), India.

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As an aspiring young kid from a small town, I learned to work hard to achieve my goals, and trying new things is one of the ways to make it happen. Coming from a middle-class family, my parents thought me, motivation comes from within. 

After my UG, I decided to pursue an MBA (Operations and Marketing) to grow my business and learning skills. One of the best decisions of my life, which gave me a love for marketing. 

After cracking the campus interview out of 18 candidates, I joined as a management trainee position for a Chennai based E-publishing company.

I had the great opportunity to learn from the most experienced minds in the industry and had the responsibility of running my own team within a year. Also, I was promoted to a Project manager position and received the “Youngest Project Manager” appreciation.

My entrepreneurial streak was encouraged from a young age via friends, who co-started a digital marketing agency in Bangalore in 2015. Where I was introduced to WordPress CMS and other web design platforms. I took a self-interest to learn web design, concepts, coding, and advanced methods to create a responsive website. 

I started my career as a digital marketer, but learning Web design helped to reach more clients and help them to grow. 

WordPress has now become the go-to content management system for millions, powering almost 39% of websites on the internet. Even though there are a lot of No-code options are coming in every day, WordPress has the number one choice for millions.

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Armed with practical experience in web design and Digital Marketing, I started my own freelance agency Bustleweb Digital Lab in 2018. Where I started helping small and local clients as a step, provided my long-term support for free. This helped to achieve $20k in earnings in just 2 years.

As I am helping clients all over the world, I also work on my own products/websites, like the e-commerce website for Matcha green tea. Where I imported the green tea from Japan, created the brand, labels, marketed, and sold in Amazon, Flipkart, and in own site as well, which grew to $4.5k earning in a year.

As a creative professional, I get my ideas from writing blogs, which led me to create successful lifestyle blogs that focused on HowTo and Listicle contents and it was acquired by a Sweden based marketing agency in 2019.

Also, as a domain research enthusiast, I sold around 3 domain names for $6k in a year.

Being an effective remote worker, I’ve delivered results for clients based in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, and Norway.

In addition to building things for the internet, I continue to pursue my interest in web development, and marketing through my blog writing and share my working knowledge in forums like Indiehackers.

Having been a freelance WordPress developer for a long time, I find it incredibly fulfilling to help people and get ahead by consulting businesses.

I write regularly for my blog and share my experience with my Twitter followers about Web development, SEO & Digital Marketing.

As an introvert, I like adventures and explore new places. In 2017, I trekked to the Himalayan Peak (after walking for 8 days), one of my huge achievements.

I love watching movies, tv shows (The Office, Community, GOT, and South Park are some of my all-time favorites). Moreover, I get my ideas from books like philosophy, Biography, and other non-fiction ( Sapiens is one of my favorite books of this century).

I am grateful to work with clients who are kind and gave their trust in my work. It keeps me wake up every day and find new opportunities to help them to grow their business.

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Currently, I live with my wife Vani and daughter Anira in the textile capital of South India, Coimbatore. Where i enjoy life and work. 🙂

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